APC - Vifteenhet - svart - 2U - for P/N: AR3100, AR3150, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC

APC - Vifteenhet - svart - 2U - for P/N: AR3100, AR3150, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC ACF002
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Forventet inn: 09.08.19
Schneider ElectricProdusentSchneider ElectricArtnr
  • Dual fans provide equalized airflow from top to bottom of the rack, upper ""U"" positions are no longer starved of cool air
  • Filtered conditioned air is delivered by the Rack Air Distribution Unit, this cool air increases the life of your IT equipment
  • Air filter removes airborne particles from the rack, creating a cleaner environment
  • A-B Power Input Feeds: two power cords are shipped with the unit. By connecting the cords to separate power sources, you can provide redundant power to the unit, maximizing uptime
  • Independent Fan Control Switch vary the amount of airflow to your equipment by turning each fan on or off, one fan can be run or turn on both fans to provide maximum airflow to equipment in the rack
  • Raised Floor Duct connects the Rack Air Distribution Unit to the raised floor and allows air to be pulled into the rack directly from under the raised floor
The Rack Air Distribution Unit is a 2U fan unit that works with an existing precision air conditioning system to deliver cool air to the equipment contained in a rack enclosure. The Rack Air Distribution Unit connects into the raised floor and pulls supply air directly into the enclosure. This prevents the conditioned air from mixing with warmer room air before reaching the equipment. The Rack Air Distribution Unit minimizes temperature differences between the top and bottom of the enclosure. It also prevents hot exhaust air from re-circulating to the inlet of the enclosure. The product is recommended for rack enclosures with loads greater than 1.5kW and can provide airflow for loads up to 3.5kW. It is also ideal for enclosures in raised floor environments where under floor air distribution is inadequate.

This Air Distribution Unit is designed for Power Dense Enclosures and Low Pressure Areas.


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